The transducer arrived today. This is a 60W 25Khz ultrasonic cleaning transducer. Most of it is metal the interesting piezo parts are sandwiched together in the centre of the device with the terminals hanging off.


I’ve been wondering how to couple the device to the flask, and the answer presents itself quite neatly. The transducer comes with a mounting stud with screw thread so that they can be secured to cleaning tanks and the like via a stud mounting. So I decided to glue the stud onto the flask resonating cavity, and then it would be easy to attach and detach the transducer for any reason by unscrewing it. I am hoping that the coupling between the transducer and flask will be good if they are screwed together firmly – Ed 27/04/2016 – this was a daft idea – the coupling is just not good enough and you get an air-gap vibration – epoxy is the way to go.

Here is a picture of the flask, in case you were wondering what size it was, it is a 150ml flask. I thought I’d mention this as it is not readily apparent from the picture. This was sourced from


The next picture shows the flask with the stud being epoxied onto the flask, and at the same time a piezo transducer which will act as a mic being epoxied to the side of the flask – I think the mic transducer is a little big… we’ll see if this is going to work or not… (¬†Ed 27/04/2016 – it didn’t work out – see page.)


Next up some experiments..

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